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Sunflowers for Ukraine, Garlic Variety Packs, and Gift Cards

Sunflowers for Ukraine is a fundraiser for Ukraine- check out details on the "product" page!

Gift cards are now available so you can let the garlic-lover in your life do their own shopping on the site, as well.

Variety Packs are the simplest way to get a wide range of types. They're also great if you're overwhelmed with the choices and just want the best in-category garlic selected for you. Variety packs are a great choice for anyone and another great gift option.

If you'd like, you can custom-request one variety per ordered pack, but the rest are picked by me according to the theme. Read the title and description to find the pack that works for you! We've got one specially meant for growers, and others specially meant just for those who want to eat garlic.

Each one comes in two sizes- 1.5 lbs, and 2.5 lbs (Small and Large)

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