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Ordering FAQs


1. When will my garlic show up?

The garlic will be harvested from mid July to August, and is then cured. Only when the garlic is well-cured can it be shipped...which will hopefully start early September. It will be mid September at the latest. All shipping is first come, first serve. Later orders will ship 7-14 days after the earliest orders. Statistically, any order made from March to July will ship in early September, and July to September orders will ship in mid September.


2. How much is shipping?

I try to keep shipping and handling costs reasonable and simple. All costs are automatically calculated based on your order size and the state it's shipped to, and you'll be able to know exactly what it is before you finish your purchase. Head here to see shipping costs, in detail.

3. What carriers do you use?

Only the USPS offers on-farm pickup at my rural farm site, so they're who I ship with! Plain and simple. This means I can accept PO boxes as destinations. This also means that I happily ship garlic to Alaska at the same cost as other Western states.

4. If you have further questions feel free to ask! Check out the Contact Us page to see how.



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