Welcome to 2023!

Contact Me- Garlic Tech Support!

Have a question about growing garlic? Get a hold of me! I love helping people with garlic questions. I learn something new every year and there's always more to learn, but I'll share whatever I've got-

Email me (preferred way)- daren@gradentalunfarm.net


Or, send a snail mail just for kicks and some 90's nostalgia-

127 Lincoln Hill Road

Eagle Bridge, NY 12057


You can message me via the farm's Facebook page-  but please be advised, this is my less preferred way to communicate, it's a dumpster fire for navigating through messages. Facebook makes it a 3 to 4 click process to ever see what you've written, and it's likely to get lost. Email conversations are far easier to manage. - https://www.facebook.com/gradentalunfarm/


via GIPHY - Image of a Facebook Business Page Portal, live, colorized

Also optional...pigeons or doves or whatever those birds are that can carry messages, or smoke signals...probably less practical. Probably best to email.




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