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Red Rezan garlic bulbs- a Glazed Purple Stripe variety from the Moscow region in Russia.

Red Rezan

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Red Rezan is a delight to roast in a pan with olive oil, and get spread on chunks of wheat toast. Roasted, it has an almost fluffy light texture.

Red Rezan is from Russia originally... and "Rezan" is actually an alternate spelling for Ryazan (Рязань), capital city of Ryazan oblast.

Interestingly, this Heirloom Garlic Archive  claims that it may ultimately be a Rocambole with a large viral load. The interplay of viral loads and garlic is complex, but should be no source of fear- if so, garlic has co-evolved with its viral loads and some of the phenotypic characteristics we see in garlic may ultimately be different viral loads activating on/off switches in garlic's genetic code (i.e. epigenetic influences.) That being said, it's a great type, and if it turns out that Glazed Purple Stripes are ultimately Rocamboles with a unique, inherited viral load (somewhat symbiotic), it'll add to the fascinating story of garlic's co-evolution with humans and its native virus populations. Knowing what we know in that pre-infection with the right mycorrhizae, bacillus subtilis, and other microbiota can protect garlic from "bad actors," it may be that some of the beneficial features we growers select for, are actually dependent on the viral loads.

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