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Metechi heirloom garlic bulbs


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Metechi had the latest harvest date of all garlic in 2019, was able to wait til August for harvest. In 2020 and 2021, also a later harvest, which helps protect it from lost yields due to June droughts. Tough in the field and tasty in the kitchen, Metechi is a roaster that's great in mashed potatoes or squash.

I've seen it listed as a Marbled elsewhere, but I feel it's quite similar to other known Purple Stripes...worth noting that it is a possible mis-assignment. The proper delineation of Marbleds from regular Purple Stripes is a running issue in the garlic-growing community. I strongly believe it's a Purple Stripe, conforming closely to its relatives, Hungarian Purple Stripe and Chesnok Red / Shvelisi.

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