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Chef's Kitchen Variety Pack

Chef's Kitchen Variety Pack

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The Chef's Kitchen Variety Pack is best for someone looking to get a wide range of types to try in the kitchen. It'll be the widest possible range of the different families of garlic. No family will have more than one variety You may make  up to (1) single specific variety request if you'd like, and I will select the rest.

The Large Pack (2.5 pounds total) will have 6-8 varieties (i.e. 6-8 different families)

The Small Pack (1.5 pounds total) will have 4-5 varieties (i.e. 4-5 different families)

That is *roughly* a third of a pound, apiece, but will vary box to box, variety to variety.

Every Chef's Pack is made on demand, so if you order multiple packs as way to just get a ton of different garlic, I will make sure each pack's contents are different from each other.

Also- please note, if you are also ordering other individual garlic types, I will make sure to not include those types in sampler packs that you buy. I.e. if I see you already want a half pound of Ajo Rojo, and you order a Chef's pack, I'll try to avoid including any Ajo Rojo in the pack, finding something else you haven't gotten yet. I really do try hard to make sure the Chef's Packs are as funky and different as possible! With 9 genetic subfamilies, you'll never get more than one representative of any one of the families. I stop selling Chef's packs when my inventory isn't diverse enough to do this.

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