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Marbled Purple Stripes

Hardneck 9-12 cloves per bulb (except when yields are reduced, and they may naturally form 5-7 clove bulbs. This helps them recover in size sooner)

Marbled Purple Stripes are another independent offshoot of garlic, not a mere subcategory of Purple Stripes! They're named for the marbled look of their splotchy skins, with colorations of purples and blues. There are several varieties that are sold as Rocamboles but they seem to be Marbled- I committed this mistake myself, until I'd grown enough true Marbled types to see. They are very consistent producers, disease resistant, and versatile in the kitchen. Their heritage clusters heavily in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. They are also very cold hardy and suitable for Northern growers. Mid to late season harvest, with medium to largish scapes.

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