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Cabin Fever March Presale

It's almost spring, I can feel it... the snow is crusty and weird, the winds howl a bit less, and it's maple tapping season! I am dying to see some green, specifically garlic shoots popping out of straw, though some other green wouldn't hurt too. So I'll be opening a special spring presale of the 2019 harvest (expect a July harvest and a September shipping date once the garlic has been properly cured for maximum flavor and storage ability).

Keep in mind, if you buy this first upload of projected inventory, it's your #1 chance of first dibs on hard-to-find varieties that sell out very quickly. Your order will be set aside during the August cleaning/curing process before I go to my big festivals.

By the way- if you buy additional garlic before September, I will lump your orders together come shipping time and refund you the shipping savings. This current amount is a conservative estimate of a small portion of the harvest, so larger volumes of more types will become available later.

Anyways...so there it is...it's a surprise spring pre-sale. Get shopping! Email subscribers, use the sale code I sent in the email for maximum savings- others, use " GDTpresale " as a code during checkout for 5% off your order.

Happy garlic hunting!

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